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TIPPYTOE Foldable Pikler Ladder & Slide in Timeless Scandinavian Style - A Joyful Wooden Montessori Concept


Transform your home into a wonderland of fun and adventure with the TIPPYTOE Foldable Playroom Pikler Ladder Slide! This enchanting wooden ladder and slide is not just a playtime accessory; it's a portal to a world of joy and imagination for your child. Meticulously crafted in a timeless Scandinavian design, this piece harmoniously blends with any home decor, offering a stylish and playful addition to your child's bedroom or playroom.

The magic of the TIPPYTOE Slide lies in its thoughtful design. Boasting a robust structure and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, it's engineered for both safety and elegance. The slide features ergonomic handles and generously rounded steps, ensuring easy, secure climbing for little explorers. It's more than just a slide; it's a tool for developing coordination, motor skills, and balance in a fun and engaging way.

But the TIPPYTOE Slide is not a standalone wonder. It's part of an enchanting collection that includes a Balance Beam, Balance Board, and a mesmerizing Puzzle Board ball spiral. Together, they form an enchanting play environment that's perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or just because you love to see your child smile.

And when the sun beckons, the TIPPYTOE Slide effortlessly transitions outdoors, inviting your child to revel in the beauty of sunny days. Its easy-to-clean surface ensures it remains a beautiful centerpiece in your home or garden.


  • Crafted from 1.6 cm thick, natural pine
  • Elegant natural color with charming wood edges
  • Supports up to 30 kg, welcoming children to play safely
  • Made from child-safe, certified materials
  • Easy self-assembly to start the fun sooner Dimensions:
  • Stands 30 inches tall
  • Steps at a friendly 27 inches high
  • Convenient 16 inches width
  • Sliding path stretches an exciting 58 inches
  • Lightweight at just 15kg

Designed for children over 12 months who can stand independently, the TIPPYTOE Slide is a symbol of joy and development. Always ensure supervision for a safe and delightful playtime experience. Let the TIPPYTOE Slide be the catalyst for endless smiles and cherished memories in your home!