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About us

As a family-owned Canadian Children's Shoe Store, we specialize in kids' footwear, educational toys, and accessories. Shoekid emerged from our quest to find high-quality shoes for our little ones. We carry brands that epitomize the best choice parents can make for their children's feet. As a budding company, we continually seek to understand healthy foot development and use this insight to offer kids' shoes that appeal to discerning parents.

Our youthful approach defines everything we do. From our unquenchable curiosity to our optimistic conviction that we provide the finest kids' shoes globally, we flourish in a world without limits. Just like the children who wear our shoes, we celebrate creativity in all its manifestations.

This sets us apart from other children's shoe stores. We maintain open-mindedness and aren't afraid to question our understanding. We strive to connect with our customers, engaging them through inquiries and encouraging their participation in providing feedback.

Our mission is to continually expand our knowledge, become experts in fitting and measuring, and offer shoes that genuinely benefit children. Most importantly, we thoroughly enjoy doing it!