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Tsukihoshi GLITZ Blue Ice Girls Running Shoes (Machine Washable)


Certified by the American Podiatric Association. 

Tsukihoshi, Glitz washable sporty Sneakers. Taking great care to provide a comfortable shoe, each style is light and flexible with a molded cup insole designed for children's arches. Machine Washable ? Machine wash COLD; Remove insole and AIR dry (No dryer use). Podiatrist Friendly - With its removable insole, long counters, and child-specific patterns. 

Tsukihoshi has become a favorite for Podiatrists looking to make modifications to accommodate customized orthotics and/or AFO's. Barefoot Comfort ? Wide toe boxes allow natural splaying of toes for balanced landing and maximum comfort. Heel Stabilizer. Long heel counter provides optimum stability. Easy On & Off. Single strap 'hook and loop' closure and elastic faux-laces for superb fitting. Arch Support. Shoe last and insole designed to provide proper arch support for growing kids.