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EZ Laces (No-tie shoe lacing system)


You dont need to worry about the hassle of shoe laces. EZLACES is a no-tie, performance lacing system for virtually any kids or adult athletic shoe. The strong and durable EZLACES design meets the demanding requirements of endurance athletes such as triathletes, runners and cyclists, yet is simple enough that anyone can use them- no matter your age.


The high-quality elastic EZLACES material allows your footwear to dynamically adapt to you foot, providing optimal support, tension and comfort. For added safety, all laces have interwoven reflective threads for enhanced night-time visibility.


  • The no-tie laces allow shoes to be easily slipped on and off quickly

  • Save time when getting ready for school or sports

  • EZLACES reduce the risk of getting caught in bike chains

  • Reduces the risk of trip and fall accidents due to untied shoelaces on playgrounds or sport fields

  • Great selection of trendy colors allow you child to personalize their shoes