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At this stage, your children are getting very active. Driven by curiosity, they can now walk freely on their own without any assistance. It is quite important to ensure that your kids’ feet fit perfectly into the pair of shoes as this prevents their feet from injuries, especially from blisters. Needless to say, parents should buy shoes in ascending sizes as their kids grow up. What’s more, a good parent should measure the baby’s feet every 6 to 8 weeks. Please contact us for fitting assistance

Your Child’s Growth

Getting your child involved in physical activity is important. It helps build their confidence. Encourage your children to participate in group activities, especially games that require you and your spouse.

Try the following activities with your kid to aid their developmental growth:

  • Go for swimming classes with your young ones.
  • To aid the developmental growth of their feet, engage the kids in games that involve throwing, kicking and running.
  • Encourage your kids to dance because the movements are very crucial in stimulating the proper development of their muscles. As much as it is fun, such activities are very beneficial for their growth.
  • Muscle activity is also encouraged for child development. Take them to places such as playgrounds where they will engage in vigorous muscle activity such as climbing.

To ensure that your child gets through toddling successfully, we have designed our shoes with these characteristics:

  • Toddler shoes come in various sizes, (both half and whole sizes), running from Medium or Wide to ensure that every toddler gets a fitting pair of shoes.
  • They are made of high-quality leather, and they are durable.
  • The breathable linings on the shoes allows breathability
  • Our children shoes are very light so that your baby can walk with ease. What’s more, the soles are made with the right grip to avoid slipping.
  • Our shoes are perfectly made to match the child’s feet (both in size and in shape). Also, there is enough tolerance to give room for the growth of your child’s feet.

Remember this: the kid’s feet need breathing time, so it is a good practice to limit the time that your child’s feet stay in shoes. We recommend that you purchase kids sandals during the summer months because they are breathable, durable, flexible and good for your kids feet.