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The First 12 Years

How to Get the Right First Shoes for Your Kids

There comes a time when kids need shoes on their feet. The age varies with the parents’ preferences and the rate of development. However, you can never run away from buying that first pair of baby shoes. Getting the right shoes for your little ones can be confusing but not anymore. In this guide, we have simplified the task by outlining those qualities that you need to find when shopping footwear for the bundle of joy. The desired properties of kid shoes tend to vary with age.

The First Year Between 0 to 12 months

During this period, most babies are not yet walking even though some of them can get on their feet in the last months of their first year. Therefore, as a parent looking for proper shoes, the aim is just to protect the feet and not to interrupt the natural development of their little feet. In fact, your child is better off without shoes. A padded pair that is comfortable for the tiny feet or what can best be called infant shoes is a good choice.

10 to 15 Months

At this stage, curiosity sets in and most babies start taking their first steps while hanging on to furniture or with assistance. Although they can do without shoes, buying them a pair of shoes that is flexible, and as close to bare feet movement as possible while providing a bit protection would be ideal.  Think light, flexible with round edges to provide enough room for developing feet.

13 to 24 Months

Now your child is able to make a few steps by him/herself. The feet are able to support the weight of the body and this is the time to start thinking seriously about buying baby shoes. Look for a pair that is meant to take the kid to the next level. Protecting the feet is very important because the child could walk to dangerous places. Besides, the kid’s shoes you buy should offer balance and complement the anatomical arches of the foot that are now taking shape.

2 to 3 Years Old

Kids can now walk longer distances. And of course, they are officially fed up with being cuddled by mummy and daddy all the time. Children now need more structured shoes with harder yet flexible soles. Comfort on their feet cannot be emphasized enough and try to start introducing some fancy looks and designs. At ShoeKid you will find just that comfort and design.

3 to 5 Years

At this stage most kids will be involved in various activities and this is when you need maximum protection but do not forget comfort and flexibility. You might find yourself buying shoes regularly if you are not keen on quality.  Also, buying specific shoes that provide different functionality, instead of just one multipurpose one, will allow the longer usage of the shoes.

6 to 12 Years Old

The kids have grown up enough and they know what’s appealing to the eye. It is the time to go shopping for shoes with them because they might reject those shoes which you admire and think is the best for them. It is also good to know the child’s preferences – such as her favorite color or his favorite design – so that you can select the right pair of shoes.

What You Need to Know When Buying an Athletic Pair of Children Shoes

Understanding your child is paramount. If you observe the traits of an athlete in your son or daughter, make it your responsibility to buy athletic shoes for him or her. How will you pick the best athletic kid’s shoes? First, you have to know which game the child loves most. For example, if it is soccer, then look for quality sneakers with good structural support.

Fitting shoes are the best for any sport. They give comfort and stability as well as enhancing mobility. Be keen on the size of the shoes relative to the feet and let looks be secondary. In fact, most of the athletic shoes sold nowadays can generally be termed attractive, so still think quality.

A Modern Kid Needs Trendy Shoes

Don’t deny your little one the best. Help them to discover themselves by checking our vast collection. When we select our collection of children’s shoes from the best brands in Europe, Canada and the US, we think quality and design. We believe what kids wear on their feet has a huge potential to shape their future. Kid’s feet carry them as they take their little and later big steps in life so please make sure they are well taken care of.

At ShoeKid we will have children shoes solutions for every stage (from birth to youth).