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Does Your Child need fitting shoes?

One may ask, “Does a kid really need fitting shoes?” Well, if you don’t know the answer to that question, the truth is that your child’s feet are in the process of growing and whatever shoes they wear now will affect their entire life. They will affect the walking style that your son or daughter may consequently adopt and the overall health of those budding lower limbs. According to research data, shoes worn early in life have a great part to play in your child’s future.

At ShoeKid, we source the best brands for your growing baby. We are dedicated to helping you find the best shoes for your little one. And that is why we have a highly competent team of specialists who will take the measurements of your kid’s feet and who will help you choose the proper fitting pair of shoes for them.

What is the Right Age for Your Kid to Start Putting on Shoes?

Each child is uniquely structured and there is no specific time that they will make those first wobbly steps. It is best to use the child’s milestones of development from birth to make the best judgment. Time alone is not enough. Take note of the baby’s eagerness to walk. Even the newborns need infant shoes at some point but the best time to start thinking about buying the first pair of baby shoes is when the child shows signs of mobility. Most kids start walking near the end of the first 12 months or within the first year. This is when you need to start thinking about buying kid shoes that are meant for walking.

It is recommended to leave the child to interact with the surrounding in the early stages so that they can develop well. Deciding the right time to introduce the first pair of shoes on the kid’s feet requires a delicate balance. It should just be the right time, neither too early nor too late.

How Long Will Baby Shoes Last?

This is another debatable subject. The period it takes for children shoes to outlive their usefulness varies and really depends on how fast each child grows. You can trust your child’s shoes from ShoeKid to be durable. However, durability is not the only thing that keeps shoes on the kid’s feet for long. If they look as good as new but are too small for the kid’s feet, then it makes no sense having them.

What really determines how long your little one’s shoes are going to last is primarily the level of activity, the environment and the kid’s rate of growth.

The Essence of Measuring the Children’s feet before buying Their Shoes

Many parents trust their eyes to guess the right size for kids shoes. Measuring seems a bit formal but it is quite advantageous. At ShoeKid, we understand that measuring a child’s feet does more than helping the parents get the perfect shoes for their young ones.

We have trained individuals who measure children’s feet to find the proper size. Properly fitted shoes will enhance the development of foot arches, which are responsible for distributing the body weight. Your children will grow to have well-built foot muscles and they will have the right posture.

The Cost of Kid Shoes at ShoeKid

We understand that children’s growth is not stagnant and they can be a little careless in the early stages of life. Therefore, it is inevitable that your quest for kid shoes will never end until they are fully grown adults.  ShoeKid is determined to offer the best quality children shoes at affordable prices.

Passing Down Pairs of Shoes to Younger Ones

For a variety of reasons, some shoes are used less frequently. A good example is rain boots, which are only used seasonally. It is possible that your child will eventually outgrow them while they are in good condition, and reusing them is all you can think about. Sometimes, it saves money when the next baby in line takes the shoes. One thing to remember is this: the shoes ought not to have been used by the elder kid for so long that they have taken up the shape of their feet. This will affect the younger child’s walking style.

If you are not sure whether to let the younger child inherit the shoes, feel free to contact us at ShoeKid, and our team will be ready to help you decide whether it is worthwhile.