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Time for Class and Play

When your kid hits the school-going age, it is time to buy them the appropriate shoes for the occasion. Remember they will be coming home from school after long hours and buying the wrong kid shoe size can cause a wide range of problems. You can avoid sores or blisters on your children’s feet by buying well-fitting shoes. At ShoeKid, we will help you get the best pair of shoes, one that can withstand both unfavorable weather and rough surfaces.

Private or religious schools will often require uniform black shoes and a second pair of runners for the gym. Public schools will sometimes require an everyday shoe and a second pair of shoes for the gym. The outdoor everyday shoe should be comfortable and structurally sound for the elements outdoors. Gym Shoes should have a good cushion on the outsole and velcro for easy on and off for smaller kids.

    Make sure that the shoes you buy for them at this age fit their feet properly. Equally important, endeavor to measure your kids’ feet every three months so that you know the right kid shoe size for them or contact us for proper sizing.