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Toddler is Growing Fast

At this stage, your child is already involved in many activities such as skipping, jumping, and running, and their muscles and bones are accelerating even though they are still fragile. At this stage, we recommend that you get the proper fitting shoes for your kids.

You can select a broad range of shoes such as casual shoes, sandals, and trainers for your kid who definitely is eager to walk. Whado I buy? Don’t worry; we are here to help you figure it out.

  • Indoor Shoes for easy slip on. Good for toddlers going to daycare. Check out our casual shoes or canvas shoes selection.
  • Gym Shoes; ideal for athletic activities in the gym. Good for kids over 5 years old. Here you will find a good selection of quality breathable runners for kids. 
  • Outdoor shoes; this is where you consider; running shoes, casual shoes, sandals, winter boots, rain boots, waterproof runners, fashion boots, etc.