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You may already be thinking about buying shoes for your baby at this stage, perhaps because some parents are already doing so for their kids. You don’t need to emulate them. In other words, exercise a little restraint because it is still quite early to allow your child to wear baby shoes. The reason is this: Your kids feet are still developing and keeping them confined in that adorable shoe may damage their toes as well as their heels.

Barefoot may not be what you want for your children, but during this period this is your best choice, given that the bones in their feet have not yet developed. In fact, allowing them to wear shoes during that stage may deform the developing cartilage in their feet, an effect that could distort their toes irrevocably.

So, give your babies’ feet time to grow. And when the time is right, you can buy whatsoever shoes you like for them. In fact, you’ll be glad that you waited for your child’s feet to develop fully.