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First Steps

Discovering the Role of those Little Feet

Babies are ready to wear shoes once they start walking indoors and outdoors. At this stage, they can move around on their own, and this is the time when you need to look for the best kid’s shoes.

When babies start walking, it is a moment of excitement for both the parents and the kids. At ShoeKid, we provide babies’ shoes that are from the best quality brands in the Industry. The shoes we have in stock are long lasting and well threaded and our shoes will allow your baby to walk freely without impacting the natural walking pattern of your baby.

Baby’s Development

Here are the recommended activities that will help accelerate the walking process:

  • The toddler should be encouraged to walk on uneven yet smooth surfaces. Encouraging them to do so will make their feet stronger.
  • The children can also develop sturdier cartilage muscle in their feet if they engage in climbing activities. Promote this activity, but it is advisable to watch them carefully as they climb the couches or the staircases so they don’t fall.
  • Try to crawl on the floor and encourage the baby to follow you. Such game will help your kids to strengthen their bones and muscles.

At ShoeKid, we have the perfect shoes designed for this stage. Below are the features of our well-designed baby shoes, which are meant to help your child walk easily.

  • Proper fitting with flexible elastic lacing over the top of the shoe will allow the child’s feet to fit perfectly into the shoes. Therefore, your little ones won’t have to curl their toes in the shoes when moving.
  • Rip tape fasteners or Velcro is much more flexible, and it will allow the kids to fasten and loosen their shoes even when they are still very young.
  • Our kid shoes also have high-quality leather, which makes them durable, breathable and flexible.
  • The children shoes we sell have breathable linings through which air can pass, thus keeping their feet fresh and comfortable.
  • Our baby shoes have sufficient clearance, which allows for sufficient growth of the feet.

We always emphasize that kids should wear fitting shoes because an inappropriate shoes for your kids could distort the shape of their feet as well as their toes.