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The Growth of your Child's Feet

Kids want to go everywhere!. So, you need to watch them closely lest they harm themselves. Apart from monitoring the growth of your child, you could also be a part of their development. And how can you achieve that?

  • Applaud them when they move from one place to other. Doing so will make them happy, and it will encourage them to do more walking.
  • Place toys at different points and encourage your kids to go get them.
  • Place soft objects such as pillow on their way so that they may climb over them.
  • Hold their hands and walk with them about the house.
  • ShoeKid offers a wide range of pre-walkers with specially designed footwear to protect your children’s feet as well providing support for their toes and heels. 

These are some of the features of our pre-walkers

  • It has lightweight soles and flexible soles so that your child doesn’t have to deal with much more weight.
  • The leather is very soft, and it has linings through which air can pass, thus providing the best comfort for your kid.
  • There are vast varieties of fittings – including half sizes – so that your child can get the best possible fit.
  • Your child needs sufficient grip as they move about and heel bumpers and rubber toes this benefits as well as protecting their feet.

    If you would like to get the perfectly fitted shoes for your kids, feel free to contact us.