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Caring for Children's Feet

Your child’s feet need special attention just like any other part of the body. A parent’s responsibility is to ensure that the kid’s feet grow perfectly. Any misinformed decisions taken by the parents about their children’s feet could lead to complications, irrevocably distorting their toes and heels.

Because each developmental stage of your child’s feet requires a specific type of footwear, you don’t want to get your lovely kid in a mess by making the wrong choice. Also, their tiny feet need proper molding until they are mature enough to do the walking. In this post, we’ll enlighten you on everything you need to know during the developmental stage of your child’s feet.


  • Socks made of natural fiber and leather shoes are the best choice for your kids due to the natural lining that allows in air.
  • Properly fitting shoes are ideal for your children. They will make your kids feel comfortable, and they will boost your kid’s mobility.
  • The feet of every child are unique both in size and in shape. So, don’t allow siblings to share their shoes and don’t allow the younger ones to inherit shoes from their older siblings (except on a rare occasion).
  • The delicate feet of babies may lose shape due to tight socks. Also, do not allow your kids to wear big socks. This is because they could easily result to blisters, which causes children much pain. In sum, ensure that their socks and shoes are properly fitted.
  • Grooming of the toenails should be discouraged. To avoid in-growing, they should be cut across.
  • The kid shoes should be cleaned regularly to avoid any bacterial infections. Also, use high quality leather conditioner to maintain the shoe leather’s softness.
  • Kids love games, some of which involve water. So, always dry their wet shoes in a warm airy place. What’s more, avoid using direct heat to dry them so that the shoes may not lose their shape.
  • Kid shoes are designed for different purposes. Therefore, buy the right shoes based on its intended purpose. Also, help your children to understand these purposes so that they may use the shoes without any damage.
  • Children take some time to understand how shoelaces and shoe buckles work. Don’t allow them to force their feet into and out of fastened shoes. This is because doing so will cause them unnecessary pain and discomfort. So, teach them how to unfasten the Velcro and or shoelaces and ultimately how to tie their shoelaces.