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The Brannock Device: A History of Measuring Kids' Feet and Its Impact

May 04, 2023 2 min read


Ensuring a proper fit is crucial when selecting shoes for children, and the Brannock Device has long been the gold standard for accurately measuring feet. Invented in the early 20th century, this simple yet effective tool has played a significant role in the evolution of children's footwear. In this blog post, we will explore the history of the Brannock Device and how its legacy continues to influence the way Shoekid Canada helps parents find the perfect fit for their children.

  1. The Invention of the Brannock Device

The Brannock Device was invented in 1927 by Charles F. Brannock, a Syracuse University student who sought a more accurate and reliable method for measuring foot size. Brannock's invention consisted of a metal plate with adjustable sliders for measuring the length, width, and arch length of a foot. The Brannock Device quickly gained popularity and became the industry standard for shoe sizing, replacing less accurate methods such as wooden sticks and paper charts.

  1. Impact on Children's Footwear

The Brannock Device revolutionized the way shoes were fitted for children, allowing for more accurate sizing and a better overall fit. Properly fitted shoes are essential for healthy foot development and can help prevent a variety of issues, such as blisters, corns, and ingrown toenails. With the Brannock Device, parents and shoe retailers could ensure that children's shoes provided the necessary support, comfort, and room for growth.

  1. The Brannock Device and Shoekid Canada

At Shoekid Canada, we understand the importance of properly fitting shoes for children's comfort and foot health. The legacy of the Brannock Device continues to guide our approach to measuring and fitting kids' shoes. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in using modern foot-measuring tools that are inspired by the Brannock Device, ensuring that we can help parents find the perfect fit for their child's unique foot shape and size.

  1. Embracing Technological Advancements

While the Brannock Device remains a classic tool for measuring feet, the footwear industry has seen technological advancements in foot measuring and sizing. Digital foot scanners, for example, offer a more precise and detailed analysis of a child's foot. Shoekid Canada is committed to staying at the forefront of these developments, incorporating the latest technology and techniques to provide our customers with the most accurate and personalized fitting experience.


The Brannock Device has played a crucial role in the history of children's footwear, providing an accurate and reliable method for measuring foot size and ensuring a proper fit. At Shoekid Canada, we continue to honor the legacy of the Brannock Device by using modern tools and techniques inspired by this classic invention. Trust Shoekid Canada to provide expert guidance and support in finding the perfect fit for your child's shoes, ensuring their comfort, style, and healthy foot development.

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