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School Years - How to pick shoes?

May 02, 2023 1 min read

When your child reaches school-going age, it's essential to buy them appropriate shoes for the occasion. Ill-fitting shoes can cause sores and blisters on their feet, especially after long hours at school. At ShoeKid, we offer a wide range of shoes that can withstand unfavorable weather and rough surfaces while providing the best fit for your child.

Private or religious schools may require uniform black shoes and a second pair of gym shoes. Public schools may require an everyday shoe and a separate pair for gym class. The outdoor everyday shoe should be comfortable and structurally sound for outdoor elements, while gym shoes should have good cushioning and velcro for easy on and off for smaller kids.

It's crucial to ensure that the shoes you buy for your child fit properly. Measure your child's feet every three months to determine the right shoe size, or contact us for proper sizing assistance.

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