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Walking with Confidence: Glass Fiber Footplate Insoles for Idiopathic Toe Walking at ShoeKid Canada

May 03, 2023 2 min read

Idiopathic toe walking in children can be a challenging issue for parents seeking to ensure proper foot development and a healthy gait. ShoeKid Canada, a leading children's shoe retailer, offers a fantastic solution to address this concern: glass fiber footplate insoles. Designed to provide mild support and encourage heel-to-toe walking, these insoles are a valuable addition to your child's footwear. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of glass fiber footplate insoles and how they can be an effective part of your child's ongoing podiatric treatment.

Lightweight and Stiff: The Perfect Combination for Toe Walking Support The glass fiber footplate insolesoffered by ShoeKid Canada are specifically designed for children with idiopathic toe walking. These lightweight, yet stiff footplates restrict toe walking by limiting the bending of the toes. The thin footplate does not interfere with the shoe's natural weight or form, maintaining a comfortable fit for your child.

Forced Flexing for Better Results The glass fiber footplate insoles from ShoeKid Canada allow for forced flexing, making it difficult for children to bend the sole as they attempt to push up on their toes. By incorporating these insoles into your child's footwear, you can effectively encourage a healthier walking pattern.

Optimal Placement and Support for Ongoing Treatment It's essential to insert the glass fiber footplate insoles under the shoe's removable insole to ensure the best results. ShoeKid Canada recommends using these insoles as a supportive measure in conjunction with ongoing treatment from your podiatrist. The insoles are most effective when the shoe is securely fastened to your child's feet.

Sizing Considerations When ordering glass fiber footplate insoles from ShoeKid Canada, it's important to note that the size is already adjusted to the insole length, not the shoe size.

Key Features of Glass Fiber Footplate Insoles from ShoeKid Canada:

  1. Sleek design: Fits comfortably under the insole or orthosis.
  2. Rigid support: Helps prevent toe walking by blocking MP extension.
  3. Slight toe angle: Assists with toe off.

Conclusion: For parents seeking a solution to address idiopathic toe walking in their children, ShoeKid Canada's glass fiber footplate insoles offer an effective, supportive option. These lightweight, rigid insoles can be an integral part of your child's ongoing podiatric treatment, encouraging healthier walking habits and promoting proper foot development. Trust ShoeKid Canada to provide the best solutions for your child's footwear needs.

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