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Kidorca Extra Warm Fleece Socks (Toddler/Little Kids)


KidORCA Kids’ FLEECE SOCKS  - warm liners for rain and snow boots.

EXTRA WARM BOOT LINERS. Premium quality KidORCA Fleece Socks ensure your children’s feet are warm & cozy in a chilly weather. Skin friendly and stretchy fleece socks are made of soft polar fleece. Due to the scientifically engineered structure of the fibers, fleece is extremely warm and breathable. It traps the warm-air layer next to your child’s skin, making an outdoor adventure a fun.

DESIGNED WITH COMFORT IN MIND. KidORCA featured smart design with all the seams out eliminates any irritation of your child’s sensitive skin, moreover, it fixes the sock properly on a little foot and insures it does not slide into the boot. Eco-friendly, sustainable, odour-proof, antimicrobial & super comfy, these are truly the solution to wear with any rubber or snow boots on those cold, damp days.

WARM WHEN WET. We have chosen fleece against wool for a higher wick perspiration property.  The structure of fleece contains air pockets. These air pockets assist in trapping in heat, which keeps the feet warmer than traditional wool. Fleece is warmer when wet and is one of the best sweat-wicking fabric. It dries out 30 times faster than wool.

MACHINE WASHABLE. Fully washable and hard wearing. Throw it in the wash along with your baby’s socks and they'll be as good as new.

SIZING. Sizes are as follows:

EXTRA SMALL 14-15 cm (Shoe Sizes 4-7)

SMALL 16-17 cm (Shoe Sizes 8-10)

MEDIUM 18-19 cm (Shoe Sizes 11-12)

LARGE 20-21 cm (Shoe Sizes 13-1).